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5 Diurnes [the Brayford Pool, Lincoln by day]
by Thomas Darby and Jim Simm
Based on responses to a survey by the good people of Lincoln
Download the free ebook HERE

(You may distribute this ebook freely although the rights remain with the authors)

J-me: Artwork

Unsolicited Manuscripts (1993 - present)
Illustration pdf
Commentary pdf
Complete List pdf

Contribution to Keith Bates' Mailart Font (2004) GO

The Mailart Font is a free font available from
Keith Bates at www.k-type.com


Random Walks (We Not I), a spoken word opera by Jason Kilburn Evans and Jamie Crofts
World Premiere at Angel Coffee House, Lincoln UK May 2014
Narrator was played by Tony Fielding-Raby
Jamie Crofts/micro-Mµ-tech Kaossilators

The ebook of the libretto is published and available HERE free of charge under a Creative Commons license
NEW The score is now available (Kaossilator, Kaossilator 2, Kaossilator Pro, Mini Kaoss Pad and Mini Kaoss Pad 2) HERE
The flatpack set is available to download HERE

Random Walks Theatre

SOUNDkiosk Education: SOUNDkiosk's Jamie Crofts is offering one-to-one tuition in piano playing as well as lessons in composing music including Classical instrumental, song writing, film soundtrack, in fact any style.
He is based in Lincoln, UK.
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Summer 2014

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New to SOUNDkiosk Editions::

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Claude Debussy - Sérénade for violin and piano
Perhaps intended as a shorter companion piece for the violin Nocturne Debussy was planning for the Belgian violinist Eugène Ysaÿe in the early 1890s, this harming and intimate Sérénade for violin and piano begins with an undulating melody over sensuous accompaniment giving way to a contrasting scherzando idea, returning finally to the opening theme. There is an optional cadenza that makes it into more of a showpiece.

Erik Satie - Prelude du Nazareen
Written for, or inspired by, Henri Mazel's three-act play, Le Nazareen. Satie's pseudo-archaic Prelude appears here for the first time as he intended it in 1893 - as a single, sub-divided piece. The first edition in this form. We have also restored five chords missing in earlier editions. HERE


Jamie Crofts

5 Nocturnes for piano solo
the Foss Dyke Navigation at night
Launched in Lincoln, England on 25th January 2013
The score is free of charge on application
Simply email jamie@soundkiosk.com and you'll receive the score as a pdf by return
The CD now available to buy from the SOUNDstore CLICK

Chromatic Fields concert
This online concert recorded in 2012 is still available
Download the complete programme (pdf) HERE
Listen to the concert on SoundCloud HERE
Read more about the Chromatic Fields project HERE

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