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Chromatic Fields is a collaboration between Duncan Bullen and Jamie Crofts that centres around a limited edition bookwork.
The project explores the potential of printmaking for multiple rotations and permutations, as well as shared interests in composition, notation, repetition, drawing, music and silence. The book was published in July 2011 in a limited edition of 50.

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The book was first shown in Brighton, England, as part of the Soundwaves Festival in July 2011 and the first exhibition of the wall-based version of 18 printed panels with spaces representing silence was at Wharepuke Gallery, Kerikeri, New Zealand through September and October 2011

Visit Wharepuke Gallery HERE

The book is still available. Email SOUNDkiosk for more information HERE

The book was printed by Jane Sampson at Ink Spot Press, Brighton, UK and designed and constructed by Richard Denne. The fonts are Roadway and Gill New Antique, designed by Keith Bates at the K-Type Independent Type Foundry, Manchester, UK

Contact & links

email Jamie: jamie@soundkiosk.com
email Duncan: duncan@duncanbullen.com
Duncan's Website: www.duncanwbullen.com
Listen to Jamie's compositions Chromatic Fields 51 to 60 on SOUNDcloud: Click Here
Ink Spot Press: www.inkspotpress.co.uk
Jane Sampson: www.janesampson.com
Richard Denne: www.richarddenne.co.uk
Keith Bates: www.k-type.com