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News Summer/Autumn 2014:

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SOUNDkiosk Editions offer a few scores on application as FREE downloads, released under a Creative Commons licence (Scoll down).

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All scores of music by Jamie Crofts is now available free of charge on application (digital edition only)


SOUNDkiosk editions are high quality publications printed in pigment inks on high quality paper.

The editors, Professor Robert Orledge and Jamie Crofts, are meticulous in their attention to detail meaning that SOUNDkiosk publications have a fair claim to being the most authentic available.

These new editions include previously unpublished work by Erik Satie, Claude Debussy, and new editions of work by Liszt, Draeseke, and Foerster.

New editions of work by contemporary composers Michael Parsons, John White, Luke Stoneham, Robert Orledge, Jamie Crofts, Mark Lockett and Julian Haxby and James Nye are also part of SOUNDkiosk Editions


Erik Satie - Complete Music for 2 Trumpets (Score)

Available as a free download, this score shows the quality of SOUNDkiosk publications and the importance of the research which goes into them. With introduction by Prof. Robert Orledge.
Parts are available on request from info@soundkiosk.com

Download score (pdf 2MB) from IMSLP HERE

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Jamie Crofts - Chromatic Fields 71 to 80,
Chromatic Field 12.1 and
12 by 2 by 12 (Multiple) are available free of charge on application
Details on the Jamie Crofts page
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Jamie Crofts

5 Nocturnes for piano solo
the Foss Dyke Navigation at night
Launched in Lincoln, England on 25th January 2013
The score is free of charge on application
Simply email jamie@soundkiosk.com and you'll receive the score as a pdf by return
The CD now available to buy from the SOUNDstore CLICK


Charles-Valentin Alkan - Short Preludes on the 8 modes of plainchant (?1859)
(score - organ or piano solo)

A new edition of this set of eight short pieces. Written for organ on only 2 staves, they also work very well on harmonium or piano. Edited with a Preface by Jamie Crofts closely based on the first edition by Heugel, Paris (1859)
pdf (digital) edition available free of charge on application

Simply email jamie@soundkiosk.com and you'll receive the score as a pdf by return


SOUNDkiosk Editions featured works:

Claude Debussy - Sérénade for violin and piano
Perhaps intended as a shorter companion piece for the violin Nocturne Debussy was planning for the Belgian violinist Eugène Ysaÿe in the early 1890s, this harming and intimate Sérénade for violin and piano begins with an undulating melody over sensuous accompaniment giving way to a contrasting scherzando idea, returning finally to the opening theme. There is an optional cadenza that makes it into more of a showpiece.

Erik Satie - Danses Gothiques
Published by SOUNDkiosk in two new editions:
The first edition restores the composition to its original form as one continuous text. The second edition includes an analysis exposing the structure of the piece, and performance directions by Robert Orledge

Claude Debussy - Toomai des Elephants
This composition, based on a story from Kipling's Jungle Book, was originally intended for Debussy's Preludes Book 2 no. 11, but was replaced by the more Stravinskian 'Les tierces alternées'. Completed by Robert Orledge in 2010 using the material Debussy wrote, and left, for this prelude in 1913

Erik Satie - Ludions
The new edition solves textual problems, irons out inconsistencies, and corrects errors found in existing editions. It restores the part for organ as played by Germaine Tailleferre at the private premiere

Erik Satie - 4 Ogives
This new edition was prepared by Jamie Crofts in consultation with Professor Robert Orledge and checked against the 1889 edition in his private collection which includes autograph corrections by Satie.
A supplement to this new edition (included) is a logical re-writing of the score in which chords are consistent throughout the three harmonic lines.
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The Monk in Sorrow by Franz Liszt
Spoken voice and piano drama with text by Nikolaus Lenau and music by Franz Liszt. Published here in a new prose translation by Jim Simm and a clear performance edition by Jamie Crofts.
A gothic masterpiece!
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