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There are three sections to this site: the set, the libretto, and the music::

Set by J-me: Libretto by Jim Simm:: Music by Jamie Crofts

Tungsten 3rd Elevator is a spoken word opera. It is a reworking of the 3rd act of Wagner's Tannhauser:
The characters are now: Narrator, Tungsten, Tanya, Lizard, Venus and a chorus of Pilzen (mushrooms)::

The set is a cardboard theatre: There are 6 kiosks, one for each of the 5 characters and one for the chorus of Pilzen (mushrooms):: This is the set, not a model of the set:::

The faces of the 5 characters are based on a photo by Groc:

There are 2 versions of the set: The complete version with six kiosks and the simple version with one kiosk:: With the single kiosk version you change the sign on the top for each change of scene:::

The libretto by Jim Simm is loosely based on the 3rd act of Wagner's Tannhauser: The original was put through Google Language Tools and Babelfish:: This then formed the basis of the final text::: As you'll read, it is a long way from the original::::

As the libretto progresses, more will be added:

Download Libretto pdf

As well as the main opera, there will be 4 interludes in the form of Diurnes: A Diurne is similar to a Nocturne but is a composition of the day::

Download Diurne texts pdf

Scenes 1 and 2 and 4 Diurnes (interludes) are recorded and available on SOUNDcloud HERE

The instruments are 2 pianos, Yamaha DX200, Novation K-Station